Fabric Inspection

Fabric Inspection is a vital process which is done prior to the garment manufacturing to avoid rejects due to fabric quality and so that we can avoid facing unexpected losses during manufacturing process.


Cutting Room

We have a centralised cutting room which feeds to all our production lines. We make sure our cutting room is high efficient and well planned. To keep up with the new technologies we have automated our cutting room to improve accuracy and to match the mass production.

Production Line

Prior to starting the sewing process, all the styles undergo rigorous analysis in the pre production planning stage where the findings are reported and discussed amongst all the concerned departments. This helps to prevent any unexpected losses after production is started. We try to maintain a lean method of production on the shop floors that helps to generate a high level of efficiency and keeps wastage to a minimal level. All our production lines have the skillset to handle both knitted and woven fabrics and are ready to take on any challenges with respect to the complexity of the product. We have worked extensively to achieve this flexibility within our production lines which allows us to work on such a wide array of products.


Quality is of paramount importance to us. We are particularly proud of the level of quality we have achieved over the years that is valued and appreciated by all our customers. We take an active approach in achieving and maintaining a high standard of quality throughout the manufacturing process, which we achieve through the various quality management systems that we have in place. 

Additional Services

After cutting and sewing the garments it goes for quality and the final process of finishing. Here we pack the garments attach their designated hangtags, price tags then gets packed in poly and moved to respective carton boxes.