Our commitment to sustainability is geared towards having a positive impact on the planet and its people. To achieve this, we are trying to build a sustainable and low emissions mode of operations.

The people that make up our team at Coast to Coast are the linchpin of the organisation. We recognise and value the effort of every single member of our team, and have created a safe working space for them. Our facility is 100% compliant, and has been accredited with certifications such as Sedex and BSCI for our commitment to ethical and social responsibilities. We offer free medical consultation with an onsite doctor for all our team members, transportation facilities for those who come from afar, and day care facilities amongst many other services. Additionally, we are also engaged in activities that involve the local community and have a positive impact from a social perspective.

A large portion of the garments that we make are increasingly using sustainable materials such as recycled polyester made from PET bottles, recycled nylon, bci cotton or plant based materials such as modal and viscose. We partner up with mills who help us source these materials, and the responsible sourcing and management of these materials have enabled us to achieve the RSC certification.

We also try to do our small part in trying to save the environment within our facility. The old clutch and plate motor machines are being replaced with direct drive and servo motor driven machines which are significantly more energy efficient. The facility is designed to have cross ventilation which also reduces the energy consumption to a large degree. Energy efficient tubes and needle point LED lamps have also been installed to replace the fluorescent bulbs.

Our commitment to sustainability does not end here. We are constantly trying to reinvent ourselves, and make incremental progress towards achieving the highest standard of both social and environmental responsibility.